What transition?

What transition?

Transition is about change, about moving onwards, moving away from scarce and dwindling fuel sources and the effects of pollution and climate change.

This journey to change has to start with us, the energy users.
It’s about us being engaged in that movement. The trouble is, if we don’t change our lifestyles, aspirations and behaviour, the future does not look great.
The environmental implications of climate change are well known but the economic shock of energy shortages and escalating costs are not talked about much, and could be traumatic.

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We in Salisbury are not the only ones showing concern. Towns and cities throughout the world are forming Transition movements like ours to bring people together.

Communities such as ours are planning and undertaking all sorts of energy and environmental projects such as promoting traffic zones, planting town gardens, setting up cycle paths, encouraging local markets and working with schools to help the next generation understand energy and resource conservation.

No matter what sort of Transition project you could be interested in, no matter how small, it will make a difference. And by joining with others, that difference can be multiplied!

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We are not politically affiliated to any party or movement; the issues are too large and important for that!

We aim to influence government and business to help us achieve results and, because we are a grassroots movement, the drive for change will come from the community.

Now you know a bit more about Transition, find out more on www.transitionnetwork.org . There is tons of information here, maybe too much, but don’t let that put you off as you will find things of interest.

Meanwhile, carry on exploring this site to find out more about Salisbury’s own Transition movement.
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