Energy Group

Local Energy Group

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To make Salisbury a more self sufficient City by developing a Salisbury Energy Resilience Plan covering sustainable transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy and affordable warmth.


1. Work with Salisbury City Council to set a good example of energy efficiency and renewable energy. This includes the installation of solar panels on the Guildhall roof during the planned refurbishment, reducing energy consumption (eg fitting LED lights, heating efficiencies), green energy audit, EPC, sustainability.

2. Work with Wiltshire Council (WC) on the WC Energy Resilience Plan which is the new living document for WC for aspects relating to renewable energy, the low carbon transition and affordable warmth in Wiltshire. The aim of this plan (being developed in 2015) is to ‘cover all aspects of making Wiltshire a more self sufficient county when it comes to meeting its energy requirements’.

There are 4 main themes:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Affordable warmth

As these tie in with the Energy group’s original ideas we will move these 4 headlines forward in parallel with WC to develop some synergies which will get STC Energy properly established. The WC Climate Local action plan shows that gains have already been made through various spend to save and other measures.

3. Working with local groups. We currently have agreement from HOURCARS and COGS to share links and work together.







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