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Knowing even more about Transition and the challenges facing us will inspire you to take action and to help bring about change.

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Why do we need Transition?

1) Peak Oil
Oil is running out. We may have reached peak output. From now on supplies will be harder to find. And more expensive. We could entirely run out by the end of this century.
Alternative energy sources need to be found and different lifestyles adopted – before it is too late……..
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2) Climate Change
Our carbon-obsessed society has affected the planet. Facts speak for themselves:

Bird populations decimated
Percentage declines of some species recorded in the Common Bird Census between 1970 and 1999
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The Ice caps fading away
Polar ice shrinking at a rate of 9% every decade
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Fish in terminal decline
One-third of species in danger , eels down in Europe by 95% , many fish stocks may be wiped out in 50 years at the current rate of decline.
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Sea Temperatures constantly rising
Between 1901 and 2013, temperatures rose at an average rate of 0.13°F per decade.
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Coral reefs could be a thing of the past
The latest reports state that as much as 27 percent of monitored reef formations has been lost and as much as 32 percent is at risk of being lost within the next 32 years.
We could reach a point of no return – unless we change direction now!
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3) Environmental change and social disintegration
Factory farming, chemical use and pollution are destroying our environment. Wild bird species reduced by up to 95%, insect life down by 45%*, river fish populations only 70% of what they were… We could be the next species to succumb to pollution and environmental change?
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In the UK our work-centred lifestyle and disproportionately high housing costs have created a situation where we have a third less disposal income than forty years ago! And extensive working hours, job insecurity, financial hardship and travel costs have meant that over 50% of us are suffering increased stress levels. Also our modern lifestyles have increased the incidence of diseases such as cancer by as much as 23% in men during the period 1975-1977 to 2009-2011 and by 43% in women!
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In addition a loss of social cohesion and structure has had massive knock-on effects in terms of community wellbeing, isolation and loneliness.
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Our aspirations, values and lifestyle need to change. We need a different direction and destination!

Salisbury Transition City has a firm vision of how our city could be in 50 years’ time:

“Through Transition, Salisbury will emerge as a sustainable, happy and socially integrated community with thriving local industry, a substantial source of self generated energy and a self sufficient food supply. This carbon neutral environment will be complemented by greater social equality and opportunity”.