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Moving ahead with local projects

Salisbury Transition City members are committed to achieving change through practical and active means. We have several special interest groups established which may be good for you. If not, you could join us and start your own. All input is welcomed!
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To make Salisbury a more self-sufficient City by developing a Salisbury Energy Resilience Plan covering sustainable transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and affordable warmth.
To stimulate and encourage local business growth and mutual co-operation, especially those crafts, skills, and enterprises that emphasise sustainability and best transition practice.

To encourage positive, empathetic influences on the environment in Salisbury to bring about a healthy, pleasant and enjoyable living experience for all. Projects will embrace measures which will encourage negligible pollution and high air quality, coupled with minimal ambient noise levels. We will also seek to stimulate, and allow to flourish, life-enhancing, sustainable development.

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To bring about a locally sourced, seasonally adjusted and sustainable food supply allied to a pure, consistent and controlled water supply. Also ensuring that foodstuffs are produced in an organic, renewable and sustainable manner and in a way that minimises any chemical trace elements.
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That Salisbury will be a community of people who are inclusive, resilient, creative and supportive of each other.
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We aim to support both the domestic and commercial community in the Salisbury area by promoting or implementing efficient waste management and collection systems that effectively minimise pollution and environmental damage and wherever possible to recycle.