Useful Links

Useful Links

The following links will help you understand Transition and provide resource for our Project groups. We are happy to receive suggestions for useful links you might know of.

Transition Network
Transition Network is a charitable organisation whose role is to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they self-organise around the Transition model, creating initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.
Theory, policy and practiceIn recent years there has been much talk of the need for sustainable communities. But what is a sustainable community? Why do neighbourhoods matter and why is sustainability important? What are the implications of debates around sustainability for community policy and practice?
salisbury lets
Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS) build local communities and the sharing of resources. Salisbury LETS members offer each other a wide range of skills and services from babysitting, cookery and curtain making to photography and proof reading. Services, skills and goods are advertised online in the LETS Directory (Offers & Wants). Some are exchanged purely for ebbles, our local currency, other exchanges involve part payment in pounds, where materials or parts are needed. Ebbles cannot be converted into pounds – it is a wholly different system – a resource pool.
climate works
A specialist consultancy helping clients to make sense of energy and climate change. Our focus is on developing workable solutions to the problems of rising energy costs, the need to reduce reliance on and pollution from fossil fuels, and to reducing the growing incidence of fuel poverty.
Car club cars help people save money and reduce the hassle of owning a car. They can be booked online by members around the clock. Trips can be planned weeks in advance or on the spur of the moment. The car club pays the insurance, repair bills and MOT – reducing paperwork and expense. hOURCARS has been operating in Salisbury for ten years and Salisbury residents who would like to find out more about the car club cars can get in touch with hOURCARS via the website at
SAA provides Salisbury gardeners and allotment owners with: low cost essentials; an annual garden trip; a Horticultural Show; and gardening tips and links.

We empower; we facilitate; we catalyse to promote the new learning required by all of us to live sustainably.

We know that sustainability (and how to live and work sustainably) is a developing area of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to keep people updated and thinking about good practice. Our policy work aims to share this practice and encourage supportive systems for educators to carry out this important work.

Recycle Ink Cartridges and Mobile Phones and generate income for your chosen charity.

Click on the link to register.

The British Assessment Bureau is a significant resource for a business serious about reducing/minimising its enviromental impact.